The Ambrosia Project - Team Programming

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 23:53 -- admin

The development of the new HdM-Game called "The Ambrosia Project" is in full swing. On this years GamesDay the thirty-headed team was already able to show the story, ideas and some concept arts around the games protagonist: Eddie Miles.

For him to start the battle against lethal plant mutants the students of team programming grapple with most different tasks and problems.

The question, what game engine would meet the requirements of the project the most, can be answered with OGRE. Until the end of term this development software base is going to be customized for a long-run efficient workflow. The focus lies on expandability and flexibility of the system.

Right now, the bigger enemy of the team is the remaining time. To reach the next milestone, the playable character must be controllable by next week. Further interaction possibilities like opening doors and a HUD (head up display) should be implemented by then.

The reason the seven bachelor- and three master-students are dealing with the project even in their spare time is – according to the most of them – the unique opportunity the project gives them. Next to the high practical relevance, working in a comparably bigger project team matters. For Christina Schneider, it's also interesting that with Stefan Radicke, a supervisor was found who can share a lot of his experience and know-how from the game making industry with the participants. Others like Stefan Seibert want to contribute to a project they can identify with.

A impression of the teamwork within the frame of the recent meeting are provided by the following pictures.